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Propagation and creative development of Pope John Paul II’s legacy. Promotion of spirituality, culture and tradition connected with him, as well as academic and educational activity and help for those in need.

The Centre's communication aims

Spreading the knowledge of the Centre’s activity so that the information about it reaches the widest-possible range of potential contributors. Initiation of a mass movement, living memory of Pope John Paul II. Achieving the ‘snow ball’ effect leading to an appearance of secondary initiatives supporting the Centre.

Positioning of the Centre

The Have No Fear! John Paul II Centre in Cracow is the most important center of the living memory of the work of the Polish Pope and the person himself. It is John Paul II’s spiritual church.

It is an expression of gratitude of the Polish nation and all people of good will who feel a close connection with John Paul II as a person and his work, regardless of their nationality and denomination.

The Centre's Tasks

The main task of the Have No Fear! John Paul II Centre is publication and creative development of the teachings of Pope John Paul II through widely understood academic, educational and social activities.


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